Agnes Fogo, Wesam Ismail and Eva Honsová members of the Renal Pathology Working Group (RPWG) discuss the achievements of the RPWG and the educational resources available

Renal Pathology Resources 

  • The AJKD Atlas of Renal Pathology II updates the original Atlas by providing, in each installment, key, systematically presented information on a specific pathologic entity, as well as representative images.

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    The reviewed and updated Technical Manual for Renal Pathology (Methodologies on Specimen Handling, Processing, and Staining of Renal Biopsy Specimens for Light Microscopy, Immunohistochemistry and Immunofluorescence Microscopy, and Electron Microscopy) aims to provide a reference for any technique related to renal pathology for practicing renal pathologists and a base for any start up renal pathology service. This update provides more diverse techniques and add-ons with the important addition of immunoperoxidase compared to the original version from 2016 in order to suit different renal pathology services in different regions of the world, mainly centers in lower- and middle-income countries.

    Revised and updated by the members of the ISN Renal Pathology Working Group.
    Based on version from 2016 edited by Prof Agnes Fogo & Prof. Charles Jeanette with the input of Prof. Wesam Ismail (the target at that time was to develop a manual to start a basic renal pathology service in Africa)

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    Renal biopsy examination plays an important role in the diagnosis and management of renal diseases, providing prognostic information and guidance in therapeutic decision-making. The course offers an in-depth update of the various kidney lesions commonly encountered, along with the potential utility of ancillary techniques. Recent insights into the pathophysiologic aspects of diseases and recommendations for further molecular and genetic studies will also be addressed. A range of the glomerular and tubulointerstitial kidney lesions will be discussed, along with problematic areas in transplant pathology. Additionally, a symposium dedicated to developments in diagnostic techniques in renal pathology, as well as a case seminar showing distinctive renal biopsy findings that are instructive towards a definitive diagnosis, will be presented. The speakers are renowned renal pathologists and nephrologists from around the world.

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    From the ISN i3C (International Consortium CKDu Collaborators) network

    From the ISN i3C (International Consortium CKDu Collaborators) network:

    A series of innovative digital activities to guide nephrologists and healthcare leaders on implementing a kidney biopsy program.

    The activities include webinars, educational videos, and two audio interviews

    This course is intended for nephrologists, nephrologists-in-training or radiologists who plan to fortify their training for kidney biopsy, procedural preparation, procedural steps and post-procedure observation and complications.

    The International Society of Nephrology is accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®) to provide the following CME activity for medical specialists.

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    Course Includes: • Renal diseases associated with nephrotic syndrome • Renal diseases associated with hematuria and proteinuria • Renal diseases associated with acute nephritic syndrome and rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis • Thombotic microangiopathy • Tubulointerstitial nephritis and tubular damage • Monoclonal Ig deposits diseases • Lupus nephritis • Glomerular basement membrane pathology • Rare renal diseases • Transplantation