What’s New in the Management and Treatment of Glomerulonephritis: Role of Complement Beyond Glomerulonephritis (transplantation, DKD)

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An increasing body of evidence points toward a role of the complement system in the pathogenesis of diabetic nephropathy. Hyperglycaemia leads to protein glycation and activation of the complement cascade via recognition of glycated proteins by mannan-binding lectin and/or dysfunction of glycated complement regulatory proteins. Human biopsies from patients with established diabetic nephropathy also displayed activation of complement components. In this webinar, clinical and experimental evidence highlighting the potential of targeting complement as a therapeutic approach to DKD will be presented.  

Learning Objectives:

To understand that complements are activated in DKD
To understand animal models of DKD involvement of C’ pathways
To understand the potential of complement inhibition in DKD treatment


Sydney Tang

Hong Kong

Leonardo Riella


Role of Complement Beyond Glomerulonephritis (transplantation, DKD)
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