Kidney Stone Course

Recorded On: 06/02/2022

Kidney stones are a common disease that causes significant morbidity for patients, has a high recurrence rate, and can lead to unfavorable outcomes like chronic kidney disease. To prevent stone recurrence and associated complications it is essential to recognize underlying metabolic disorders that are the cause of kidney stone formation. A comprehensive analysis of these underlying causes is called metabolic evaluation and is the basis for prescribing treatment aimed at preventing kidney stone formation. However, successful treatment can be prescribed even in the absence of a full metabolic evaluation. The aim of this webinar and course is to cover these important topics. 

Andrej Škoberne


David S. Goldfarb

United States

Giovanni Gambaro


Roswitha Siener



Why Kidney Stones Form?
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ISN Webinar: Metabolic Evaluation of Patients with Kidney Stones
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Nutrition and Kidney Stone Disease
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A review of Important Clinical Trials on Pharmacological Treatment of Metabolic Abnormalities Related to Kidney Stone Formation
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