ISN Oceania and South East Asia Regional Board Webinar: Equity in Providing Dialysis Care in South East Asia

Dialysis is the most prevalent form of kidney replacement therapy affecting 2-7 million people worldwide. There is a disproportionate projected growth rate in dialysis requirement mostly in Asia countries. However, dialysis remains a cost-ineffective intervention in terms of health gains per unit of expenditure. Despite that, health systems prioritized dialysis because it serves an identifiable population that would otherwise die. In low-income and lower-middle-income countries (LMICs), dialysis has grown mainly in the private sector and relies on out-of-pocket payment. As a result, most patients who start dialysis in LMICs can only continue for a short time because of the costs. There are large global inequities in access to long-term dialysis more so in LMICs. We shall hear from speakers from three South East Asia countries sharing their experience and lesson learned from their country dialysis program.   

Learning Objectives:

1. An overview of dialysis program in countries in South East Asia

2. To understand the inequity in provision of dialysis in SEA countries

3. To learn from previous lesson and experience to improve dialysis provision in SEA region.


ISN Oceania and South East Asia Regional Board Webinar: Equity in providing dialysis care in South East Asia
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