ISN-KDIGO Webinar: Conclusions from the KDIGO Conference on Home Dialysis

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The KDIGO consensus conference reaffirmed the need for advocacy and efforts to ensure equitable access to home dialysis for all individuals in need of kidney replacement therapy globally. Multiple research needs exist, and a systematic prioritization would aid implementation, although this was outside the scope of this conference. The importance of context, choice, and education in facilitating successful home dialysis is clear. There is no one-size-fits-all model for promoting and delivering home dialysis at any level, from patient to facility to healthcare system. Effective approaches are multi-pronged, engage multiple stakeholders, and take account of local circumstances. Clinical studies comparing modalities are limited in their generalizability; however, existing evidence suggests in-center dialysis, PD, and home HD are sufficiently similar in clinical outcomes to support personalized and individual choice among these options.

Learning Objectives: 

To understand the factors that influence uptake of home dialysis at a policy, financial, facility based and personal level.
To explore the barriers that exist to the uptake of home dialysis and strategies to over-come them.
To discuss the central place of education for patients, carers and health care professionals in order to enable shared decision-making in dialysis morality selection and increase opportunities for home dialysis use.

Edwina Brown (Moderator)


Jeffery Perl


Martin Wilkie



ISN-KDIGO Webinar: Conclusions from the KDIGO Conference on Home Dialysis
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Open to view video.