ISN-Cochrane Webinar: Interventions for preventing and treating kidney disease in IgA vasculitis

IgA vasculitis (IgAV) is the most common vasculitis of childhood and may manifest with glomerulonephritis. This is an updated Cochrane systematic review of randomised controlled trials in IgAV.

Twenty studies (1963 participants) were identified. Most studies were at high or unclear risk of bias for most methodological domains. For the prevention of kidney disease, there were no differences with prednisone (5 studies) antiplatelets (3 studies) or heparin (2 studies) in children. For the treatment of severe kidney disease, there were no differences in efficacy outcomes or adverse effects with cyclophosphamide compared with placebo or supportive treatment (2 studies) in children or adults.

 Learning objectives:

- Understand the benefits and harms of different treatments for the prevention or treatment of kidney disease in people with IgAV with or without kidney involvement at onset
- Understand how the findings of this review contribute to the enhancement of clinical management strategies for IgA Vasculitis (IgAV).
- Analyze and interpret the implications derived from the review's findings, fostering a comprehension of their impact on shaping the direction of future research endeavors in IgAV.

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Deirdre Hahn



ISN-Cochrane Webinar: Interventions for preventing and treating kidney disease in IgA vasculitis
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