Ethical Aspects of Kidney Care for Women

Recorded On: 06/28/2022

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This presentation provides an introduction to ethical considerations and factors that may complicate ethical analysis and decision-making in the context of kidney care for women. Some ethical concepts and principles which may be relevant to ethical issues that can arise during kidney care for women will be briefly explained, including reproductive autonomy, moral status and paternalism. Strategies to assist in identifying potential ethical issues or considerations in the provision of kidney care for women will be presented. 
Learning Objectives
  1. Recognize the disproportion of female living kidney donors compared to male donors as a worldwide phenomenon. 
  1. Weigh the reasons that motivate women to donate in a disproportionate manner: social, educational, cultural, etc. These aspects merit international prospective studies. 
  1. Avoid coercion or paternalism during the evaluation of the potential female kidney donor. This merits knowing what the international guidelines indicate in relation to the risks and benefits as well as the importance of explaining them to the patients in order to make a perfectly informed decision. 

Dominique Martin


Shilpanjali Jesudason


Josefina Alberú


Michelle Hladunewich


Brooke Huuskes



Expert Insights: Ethical Aspects of Kidney Care for Women
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