Risk prediction in AKI
ISN Academy, Zoltan Endre, 264930
Genetics of HUS and C3GN
ISN Academy, Matthew Pickering, 265047
Lung-kidney cross talk
ISN Academy, Kathleen Liu, 264929
Evidence for most cardioprotective HD prescription
ISN Academy, Jenny Flythe, 265002
Should we change the classification of MPGN?
ISN Academy, Juergen Floege, 265046
Mitochondrial dysfunction in AKI
ISN Academy, Prabhleen Singh, 264928
Combining national databases of CKD and diabetic patients: Future of electronic medical records
ISN Academy, Naoki Kashihara, 264949
Atrial fibrillation in dialysis patients
ISN Academy, Angela Wang, 265001
Membranous nephropathy: Have we solved the treatment conundrum?
ISN Academy, Pierre Ronco, 265045
Lipid droplets and mitochondria cross talk in podocytes
ISN Academy, Alessia Fornoni, 265218
The kidney in sepsis: Do we know what happens?
ISN Academy, Rinaldo Bellomo, 264927
Renal nerve ablation: Any hope for the future?
ISN Academy, Markus Schlaich, 264948
Innate immune system and CVD in dialysis
ISN Academy, Kristina Ekdahl, 265000
The new epidemics of membranous nephropathy
ISN Academy, Fan Fan Hou, 265044
Mitochondrial disturbance in DKD and other kidney disease
ISN Academy, Reiko Inagi, 265217
AKI to CKD transition
ISN Academy, Motoko Yanagita, 264926
Manipulation of gut microbiome as a novel CKD therapy
ISN Academy, David Johnson, 264947
Asian survival advantage in dialysis
ISN Academy, Chih-Wei Yang, 264999
Membranous nephropathy: From pathophysiology to clinics
ISN Academy, Laurence Beck, 265043
Introduction to mitochondria - What do they really do?
ISN Academy, Farhad Danesh, 265216
Putting the balance back in diet: The nutritional geometry of obesity, metabolic disease and ageing (Claude Amiel Lecture)
ISN Academy, Stephen Simpson, 265207
Treatment presentation
ISN Academy, Jai Radhakrishnan, 265241
Second pathology kidney biopsy and pathology presentation
ISN Academy, Seethalakshmi Viswanathan, 265242
ISN Academy, Carol Pollock, 265240
Case presentation, pathology first kidney biopsy by Seethalakshmi Viswanathan and patient progress
ISN Academy, Titi Chen, 265239
Acceptance speech
ISN Academy, Detlef Schlondorff, 265468
Introduction of the Jean Hamburger Award
ISN Academy, Pierre Ronco, 265469
Risk score for community acquired AKI and the 0by25
ISN Academy, Etienne Maria Macedo, 264925
Engagement of indigenous population in clinical research
ISN Academy, Alan Cass, 264946
Using remote monitoring to increase the uptake of home dialysis
ISN Academy, Areef Ishani, 264998
Acute kidney injury in the era of AKI E-Alerts
ISN Academy, Aled Phillips, 264924
What do CKD patients want?
ISN Academy, Phil Carswell, 264945
Synthesizing the global dimensions of CKDu
ISN Academy, Bernard Jaar, 264971
The reality of 2x/week HD
ISN Academy, Lorraine Kwan, 264997
Transition: From pediatrics to adult nephrology
ISN Academy, Susan Samuel, 265041
CKDu in Australia
ISN Academy, Wendy Hoy, 264970
Involving patients and caregivers in establishing core outcomes for research: The SONG Initiative
ISN Academy, Allison Tong, 264944
Dialysis technology - Keeping it simple
ISN Academy, Lloyd Vincent, 264996
New therapeutic advances in children
ISN Academy, Arvind Bagga, 265040
CKDu in India
ISN Academy, Muthu K. Mani, 264969
Community acquired AKI in Africa
ISN Academy, Ikechi Okpechi, 264922
Patients as partners in kidney research: Myth or reality? (Can-SOLVE CKD)
ISN Academy, Adeera Levin, 264943
PD first, in the developing world
ISN Academy, Talerngsak Kanjanabuch, 264995
Genetics of steroid-sensitive nephrotic syndrome
ISN Academy, Georges Deschenes, 265039
CKDu in SE Asia
ISN Academy, Sydney Tang, 264968
How the 0by25 initiative improved AKI in Malawi
ISN Academy, Ulla Hemmilä, 264923
Using patient reported experience (PREMs) and patient reported outcomes (PROMs) to enhance quality of kidney care
ISN Academy, Nicola Anderson, 264942
CKDu in El Salvador, Central America
ISN Academy, Carlos Orantes Navarro, 264967
Update on the $1000 dialysis project
ISN Academy, Vincent Garvey, 264994
Let us start with pathology!
ISN Academy, Agnes Fogo, 265038
Closing remarks and thank you by ISN President
ISN Academy, David Harris, 265154
Welcome by SPC Chair
ISN Academy, Masaomi Nangaku, 265155
Keeping the climate safe
ISN Academy, Tim Flannery, 265157
Welcome by ISN President
ISN Academy, David Harris, 265156
What can nurses do to improve acute and chronic kidney care internationally?
ISN Academy, Gloria Ashuntantang, 264920
Empowering dialysis patients: Understanding and improving patient-provider connections
ISN Academy, Rachael Morton, 264985
Challenges and successes in Paired Kidney Exchange Program
ISN Academy, Peter Hughes, 265153
Novel RCT designs
ISN Academy, Meg Jardine, 264993
When dialysis treatment is not the best option for the patients
ISN Academy, Frank Brennan, 264919
Expanding options for frail persons with kidney failure: Assisted home dialysis, dialysis avoidance, and dialysis withdrawal
ISN Academy, Norio Hanafusa, 264984
Donor health after kidney donation
ISN Academy, G. V. Ramesh Prasad, 265152
Economic analysis
ISN Academy, Kirsten Howard, 264992
Balancing ultrafiltration management with risk of intradialytic hypotension in hemodialysis
ISN Academy, Jenny Flythe, 264918
Advantages and disadvantages of peritoneal dialysis: What do patients tell us?
ISN Academy, Angela Wang, 264983
Cardiovascular assessment pre- and post-kidney transplantation
ISN Academy, Helen Pilmore, 265151
Elements of running a successful home dialysis program
ISN Academy, Rachael Walker, 264917
Shared decision making regarding treatment options for kidney failure
ISN Academy, Roberto Pecoits Filho, 264982
Immunological risk assessment of kidney recipients
ISN Academy, Natasha Rogers, 265150
Challenges in managing the obese but protein-energy wasted kidney patients
ISN Academy, Csaba Kovesdy, 264916
Dialysis in elderly 
ISN Academy, Celine Foote, 265149
Final Remarks
ISN Academy, Adeera Levin, 265205
Human and economic burden of NCDs: A case for action for kidney disease
ISN Academy, Sania Nishtar, 265200
Should patients eat on dialysis?
ISN Academy, Brandon Kistler, 264915
Statistical approaches in observational clinical research
ISN Academy, Kevan Polkinghorne, 264990
Management of fertility in kidney disease
ISN Academy, Michelle Hladunewich, 265148
Quality, sustainability and equity of access to Kidney Care: proposed solutions
ISN Academy, Valerie Luyckx, 265199
Nutrition self-management in kidney disease: How adopting telehealth can optimize adherence
ISN Academy, Katrina Campbell, 264914
Perspectives from Australia and New Zealand
ISN Academy, Brendan Murphy, 265198
Perspectives from Australia and New Zealand
ISN Academy, Shilpanjali Jesudason, 265197
Perspectives from Australia and New Zealand
ISN Academy, Jane Potiki, 265196
Low protein diets: Is it a realistic and effective therapy to implement in CKD?
ISN Academy, Angela Wang, 264913
Bias and confounding
ISN Academy, Brenda Hemmelgarn, 264989
Pregnancy AKI
ISN Academy, Manisha Sahay, 265146
Perspectives from South East Asia
ISN Academy, Huong Thi Bich Tran, 265195
Renal biopsy case presentation - Case 6
ISN Academy, Daniel Wong, 265179
Perspectives from South East Asia
ISN Academy, Aida Lydia Sutranto, 265194
ISN Academy, Philip Li, 265204
An easily implementable form of exercise in CKD/ESKD population
ISN Academy, Carmine Zoccali, 264912
Renal biopsy case presentation - Case 5
ISN Academy, Karen Whale, 265178
What’s hot in literature
ISN Academy, David Voss, 265081
Perspectives from the Pacific Islands: Samoa
ISN Academy, Leao Talalelei Tuitama, 265202
Renal biopsy case presentation - Case 4
ISN Academy, John Dowling, 265174
Managing frailty and sarcopenia in CKD/ESKD population
ISN Academy, Stephanie Thompson, 264911
Diagnostic testing
ISN Academy, Maarten Taal, 264987
Novel devices / therapies for dialysis vascular access
ISN Academy, Prabir Roy-Chaudhury, 265080
Perspectives from the Pacific Islands: Fij
ISN Academy, Joji Malani, 265193
PD catheter placement – Surgical vs. bedside vs. fluoroscopic
ISN Academy, Bak Leong Goh, 265079
Perspectives from the Pacific Islands: New Caledonia
ISN Academy, Colin Tukuitonga, 265203
Renal biopsy case presentation - Case 3
ISN Academy, Paul McKenzie, 265176
Surgical challenges for creating a functional AV access
ISN Academy, Jackie Ho Pei, 265078

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