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ISN-KDIGO Webinar: Update on CKD-MBD KDIGO Guidelines 2017
ISN Academy, Geoffrey Block, 186427
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ISN Academy, ISN, 183678
Journal club
ISN Academy, ISN, 183679
Are sensitized patients better off with a desensitization transplant or waiting on dialysis?
ISN Academy, ISN, 183680
ACE2 as therapy for glomerular disease: the devil is in the detail
ISN Academy, ISN, 183681
Severe hypertension with renal thrombotic microangiopathy: what happened to the usual suspect?
ISN Academy, ISN, 183682
A metabolite-GWAS (mGWAS) approach to unveil chronic kidney disease progression
ISN Academy, ISN, 183683
Osteocyte dysfunction and renal osteodystrophy: not just calcium and phosphorus anymore
ISN Academy, ISN, 183684
Measuring the patient response to dialysis therapy: hemodiafiltration and clinical trials
ISN Academy, ISN, 183685
Potential relevance of shear stress for slit diaphragm and podocyte function
ISN Academy, ISN, 183686
Global trends and challenges in deceased donor kidney allocation
ISN Academy, ISN, 183687
Fast renal decline to end-stage renal disease: an unrecognized feature of nephropathy in diabetes
ISN Academy, ISN, 183688
Endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR)– and transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR)–associated acute kidney injury
ISN Academy, ISN, 183689
Speculations on salt and the genesis of arterial hypertension
ISN Academy, ISN, 183690
Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 amplification limited to the circulation does not protect mice from development of diabetic nephropathy
ISN Academy, ISN, 183691
Murine recombinant angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 attenuates kidney injury in experimental Alport syndrome
ISN Academy, ISN, 183692
Blocking lysophosphatidic acid receptor 1 signaling inhibits diabetic nephropathy in db/db mice
ISN Academy, ISN, 183693
Circulating fibronectin contributes to mesangial expansion in a murine model of type 1 diabetes
ISN Academy, ISN, 183694
C5 inhibition prevents renal failure in a mouse model of lethal C3 glomerulopathy
ISN Academy, ISN, 183695
The renal TRPV4 channel is essential for adaptation to increased dietary potassium
ISN Academy, ISN, 183696
Deglycosylation of myeloperoxidase uncovers its novel antigenicity
ISN Academy, ISN, 183697
Patients with hypertension-associated thrombotic microangiopathy may present with complement abnormalities
ISN Academy, ISN, 183698
Urinary metabolites along with common and rare genetic variations are associated with incident chronic kidney disease
ISN Academy, ISN, 183699
The complexity of chronic kidney disease–mineral and bone disorder across stages of chronic kidney disease
ISN Academy, ISN, 183700
Identification of the activating cytotoxicity receptor NKG2D as a senescence marker in zero-hour kidney biopsies is indicative for clinical outcome
ISN Academy, ISN, 183701
Nephrotic syndrome in pregnancy poses risks with both maternal and fetal complications
ISN Academy, ISN, 183702
A composite score associated with spontaneous operational tolerance in kidney transplant recipients
ISN Academy, ISN, 183703
Long-term kidney outcomes among users of proton pump inhibitors without intervening acute kidney injury
ISN Academy, ISN, 183704
Treatment tolerance and patient-reported outcomes favor online hemodiafiltration compared to high-flux hemodialysis in the elderly
ISN Academy, ISN, 183705
Construction of a viral T2A-peptide based knock-in mouse model for enhanced Cre recombinase activity and fluorescent labeling of podocytes
ISN Academy, ISN, 183706
Modeling citrate excretion
ISN Academy, ISN, 183707
The Authors Reply
ISN Academy, ISN, 183708
Modeling amount of acid
ISN Academy, ISN, 183709
The Authors Reply
ISN Academy, ISN, 183710
Hematuria from urinary ascariasis
ISN Academy, ISN, 183711
Magnetic resonance lymphangiography in recurrent chylous ascites and chyluria
ISN Academy, ISN, 183712
The Case | An unusual case of recurrent hypokalemic periodic paralysis
ISN Academy, ISN, 183713
Immunological Aspects of Transplantation
ISN Academy, Ahmed Ibrahim Akl, 183359
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ISN Academy, ISN, 183620
Journal Club
ISN Academy, ISN, 183621
The sweetest thing: blocking fructose metabolism to prevent acute kidney injury?
ISN Academy, ISN, 183622
The spleen as a bidirectional signal transducer in acute kidney injury
ISN Academy, ISN, 183623
Autophagy and renal epithelial transport: eat to survive
ISN Academy, ISN, 183624
Mendelian randomization to establish the causality of uric acid with diabetic nephropathy in type 1 diabetics
ISN Academy, ISN, 183625
More frequent hemodialysis does not effectively clear protein-bound azotemic solutes derived from gut microbiome metabolism
ISN Academy, ISN, 183626
Simultaneous liver-kidney transplantation: shifting renal allograft gene expression from inflammation toward preservation
ISN Academy, ISN, 183627
Oxford Classification of IgA nephropathy 2016: an update from the IgA Nephropathy Classification Working Group
ISN Academy, ISN, 183628
Strategies for the optimal timing to start renal replacement therapy in critically ill patients with acute kidney injury
ISN Academy, ISN, 183629
Acute kidney injury due to tropical infectious diseases and animal venoms: a tale of 2 continents
ISN Academy, ISN, 183630
Pregnancy in chronic kidney disease and kidney transplantation
ISN Academy, ISN, 183631
Circulating IL-6 upregulates IL-10 production in splenic CD4 T cells and limits acute kidney injury–induced lung inflammation
ISN Academy, ISN, 183632
Hypercalcemia induces targeted autophagic degradation of aquaporin-2 at the onset of nephrogenic diabetes insipidus
ISN Academy, ISN, 183633
Peritoneal macrophage heterogeneity is associated with different peritoneal dialysis outcomes
ISN Academy, ISN, 183634
Recombinant α-Klotho may be prophylactic and therapeutic for acute to chronic kidney disease progression and uremic cardiomyopathy
ISN Academy, ISN, 183635
An angiotensin II type 1 receptor binding molecule has a critical role in hypertension in a chronic kidney disease model
ISN Academy, ISN, 183636
The mitochondrial-targeted peptide, SS-31, improves glomerular architecture in mice of advanced age
ISN Academy, ISN, 183637
Glomerular common gamma chain confers B- and T-cell–independent protection against glomerulonephritis
ISN Academy, ISN, 183638
Glucocorticoid-induced leucine zipper protein regulates sodium and potassium balance in the distal nephron
ISN Academy, ISN, 183639
The serum uric acid concentration is not causally linked to diabetic nephropathy in type 1 diabetes
ISN Academy, ISN, 183640
Limited reduction in uremic solute concentrations with increased dialysis frequency and time in the Frequent Hemodialysis Network Daily Trial
ISN Academy, ISN, 183641
Unique molecular changes in kidney allografts after simultaneous liver-kidney compared with solitary kidney transplantation
ISN Academy, ISN, 183642
Natural regulatory T cells from patients with end-stage renal disease can be used for large-scale generation of highly suppressive alloantigen-specific Tregs
ISN Academy, ISN, 183643
Impact of fluid status and inflammation and their interaction on survival: a study in an international hemodialysis patient cohort
ISN Academy, ISN, 183644
A systematic review and meta-analysis suggests obesity predicts onset of chronic kidney disease in the general population
ISN Academy, ISN, 183645
Expansion of polymorphonuclear myeloid-derived suppressor cells in patients with end-stage renal disease may lead to infectious complications
ISN Academy, ISN, 183646
The genetic and clinical spectrum of a large cohort of patients with distal renal tubular acidosis
ISN Academy, ISN, 183647
Regarding “Obesity increases the risk of end-stage renal disease among living kidney donors”
ISN Academy, ISN, 183648
The Authors Reply
ISN Academy, ISN, 183649
Oellgaard J, Gæde P, Rossing P, et al. Intensified multifactorial intervention in type 2 diabetics with microalbuminuria leads to long-term renal benefits. Kidney Int. 2017;91:982–988
ISN Academy, ISN, 183650
Enlarged seminal vesicles as an initial presentation of polycystic kidney disease
ISN Academy, ISN, 183651
Tunneled dialysis catheters might receive “permanent resident” status after a while: a case for caution
ISN Academy, ISN, 183652
The Case | Hypomagnesemia with knee pain
ISN Academy, ISN, 183653
Exploring Novel Endpoints for Clinical Trials in Kidney Disease: Challenges and Opportunities
ISN Academy, ISN, 183654
Proton Pump Inhibitors and Kidney Disease—GI Upset for the Nephrologist?
ISN Academy, ISN, 183655
Evolutionary Nephrology
ISN Academy, ISN, 183656
What Genetics Tells Us About the Pathogenesis of IgA Nephropathy: The Role of Immune Factors and Infection
ISN Academy, ISN, 183657
The Spectrum of Hand Dysfunction After Hemodialysis Fistula Placement
ISN Academy, ISN, 183658
Understanding Electronic AKI Alerts: Characterization by Definitional Rules
ISN Academy, ISN, 183659
Impact of the End Stage Renal Disease Prospective Payment System on the Use of Peritoneal Dialysis
ISN Academy, ISN, 183660
Ferritin Elevation and Improved Responsiveness to Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agents in Patients on Ferric Citrate Hydrate
ISN Academy, ISN, 183661
Urinary Calcium Excretion and Risk of Chronic Kidney Disease in the General Population
ISN Academy, ISN, 183662
Oral Magnesium Supplementation in Chronic Kidney Disease Stages 3 and 4: Efficacy, Safety, and Effect on Serum Calcification Propensity—A Prospective Randomized Double-Blinded Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial
ISN Academy, ISN, 183663
Associations of Protein−Energy Wasting Syndrome Criteria With Body Composition and Mortality in the General and Moderate Chronic Kidney Disease Populations in the United States
ISN Academy, ISN, 183664
Association of Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug Use With Stroke Among Dialysis Patients
ISN Academy, ISN, 183665
The Effect of Renal Function and Hemodialysis Treatment on Plasma Vasopressin and Copeptin Levels
ISN Academy, ISN, 183666
Elucidation of Renal Scars in Children With Vesicoureteral Reflux Using Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound: A Pilot Study
ISN Academy, ISN, 183667
Cardiovascular Disease Biomarkers and suPAR in Predicting Decline in Renal Function: A Prospective Cohort Study
ISN Academy, ISN, 183668
The ASCENT (Allocation System Changes for Equity in Kidney Transplantation) Study: A Randomized Effectiveness-Implementation Study to Improve Kidney Transplant Waitlisting and Reduce Racial Disparity
ISN Academy, ISN, 183669
Total Kidney Volume Is a Prognostic Biomarker of Renal Function Decline and Progression to End-Stage Renal Disease in Patients With Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease
ISN Academy, ISN, 183670
A Drug Development Tool for Trial Enrichment in Patients With Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease
ISN Academy, ISN, 183671
Renal Amyloidosis Associated With 5 Novel Variants in the Fibrinogen A Alpha Chain Protein
ISN Academy, ISN, 183672
Profiling of Plasma Metabolites Suggests Altered Mitochondrial Fuel Usage and Remodeling of Sphingolipid Metabolism in Individuals With Type 2 Diabetes and Kidney Disease
ISN Academy, ISN, 183673
Sclerostin─A Debutant on the Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease Scene?
ISN Academy, ISN, 183674
An Early Immediate Early Protein IE-1–Specific T-Cell Polyfunctionality Is Associated With a Better Control of Cytomegalovirus Reactivation in Kidney Transplantation
ISN Academy, ISN, 183675
Extreme Renal Pathology in Alagille Syndrome
ISN Academy, ISN, 183676
von Brünn Nests Hyperplasia as a Cause of Ureteral Stenosis After Kidney Transplantation
ISN Academy, ISN, 183677
ISN Academy, Chistoph Wanner, 178494
ISN Academy, Francois NgeugoueTchokouaha, 178510
ISN Academy, Zaghloul Gouda, 178526
ISN Academy, Zhi-Hong Liu, 178542