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ISN-ACT Trial List: June 2018
ISN Academy, ISN-ACT, 219276
ISN-SEN webinar: Gammapatías Monoclonales de significado Renal (GMSR): un nuevo reto diagnóstico y terapéutico en Nefrología
ISN Academy, ISN Academy, 219279
2018 Nephrology World Cup Crossword Puzzle
ISN Academy, Session Speakers, 219278
ISN-ACT Trial List: May 2018
ISN Academy, ISN-ACT, 218490
ISN-SLANH Webinar: Afrontando el reto de la enfermedad renal en Latinoamérica
ISN Academy, Alfonso Cueto Manzano, 218369
#tsanzconf 2018 Crossword Puzzle
ISN Academy, ISN-ACT, 218368
Glomerular Morphology
ISN Academy, Vanesa Bijol, 217883
Introduction to Renal Pathology
ISN Academy, Vanesa Bijol, 217884
The Big Picture of Glomerular Diseases
ISN Academy, Vanesa Bijol, 217885
Nephrotic Syndrome
ISN Academy, Vanesa Bijol, 217886
Membranoproliferative pattern of glomerular injury
ISN Academy, Vanesa Bijol, 217887
In this issue
ISN Academy, ISN, 213348
Journal Club
ISN Academy, ISN, 213349
Utility of implantable cardioverter defibrillators in chronic kidney disease
ISN Academy, ISN, 213350
Immune checkpoint inhibitors and the union of bugs against cancer
ISN Academy, Gregg J. Silverman, 213351
The phosphate bucket list
ISN Academy, ISN, 213352
A more direct way to measure glomerular albumin permeability—even in human glomeruli!
ISN Academy, ISN, 213353
Unraveling the mechanisms of obesity-induced hyperoxaluria
ISN Academy, ISN, 213354
Uncovering real mortality trends in ESRD patients
ISN Academy, ISN, 213355
Global glomerulosclerosis in primary nephrotic syndrome: including age as a variable to predict renal outcomes
ISN Academy, ISN, 213356
Alport syndrome: a unified classification of genetic disorders of collagen IV α345: a position paper of the Alport Syndrome Classification Working Group
ISN Academy, ISN, 213357
Point-of-care ultrasound in the practice of nephrology
ISN Academy, ISN, 213358
Prevention and treatment of hyperphosphatemia in chronic kidney disease
ISN Academy, ISN, 213359
The sodium phosphate cotransporter family and nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase contribute to the daily oscillation of plasma inorganic phosphate concentration
ISN Academy, Ken-ichi Miyamoto, 213360
A novel assay provides sensitive measurement of physiologically relevant changes in albumin permeability in isolated human and rodent glomeruli
ISN Academy, Rebecca R. Foster, 213361
Reduced active transcellular intestinal oxalate secretion contributes to the pathogenesis of obesity-associated hyperoxaluria
ISN Academy, Hatim Hassan, 213362
The Inv compartment of renal cilia is an intraciliary signal-activating center to phosphorylate ANKS6
ISN Academy, Yoshiro Nakajima, 213363
Intranuclear delivery of the transcription modulation domain of Tbet-improved lupus nephritis in (NZB/NZW) F1 lupus-prone mice
ISN Academy, Sang-Kyou Lee, 213364
Erythropoietin induces bone marrow and plasma fibroblast growth factor 23 during acute kidney injury
ISN Academy, Luis Michea, 213365
Sox11 gene disruption causes congenital anomalies of the kidney and urinary tract (CAKUT)
ISN Academy, Andreas Schedl, 213366
Increased degradation of ATP is driven by memory regulatory T cells in kidney transplantation tolerance
ISN Academy, Sophie Brouard, 213367
Declining comorbidity-adjusted mortality rates in English patients receiving maintenance renal replacement therapy
ISN Academy, William G. Herrington, 213368
Global glomerulosclerosis with nephrotic syndrome; the clinical importance of age adjustment
ISN Academy, ISN, 213369
Metabolic syndrome but not obesity measures are risk factors for accelerated age-related glomerular filtration rate decline in the general population
ISN Academy, Vidar T.N. Stefansson, 213370
Elevated tissue sodium deposition in patients with type 2 diabetes on hemodialysis detected by Na magnetic resonance imaging
ISN Academy, Christoph Kopp, 213371
Markers of early progressive renal decline in type 2 diabetes suggest different implications for etiological studies and prognostic tests development
ISN Academy, ISN, 213372
Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with biologic agents lowers the risk of incident chronic kidney disease
ISN Academy, Csaba P. Kovesdy, 213373
A population-based cohort study defines prognoses in severe chronic kidney disease
ISN Academy, ISN, 213374
Analysis of dendritic cells and ischemia-reperfusion changes in postimplantation renal allograft biopsies may serve as predictors of subsequent rejection episodes
ISN Academy, ISN, 213375
Detection of renin lineage cell transdifferentiation to podocytes in the kidney glomerulus with dual lineage tracing
ISN Academy, ISN, 213376
Fractures in CKD patients: action plans should not overlook the prevention of falls!
ISN Academy, ISN, 213377
The Authors Reply
ISN Academy, ISN, 213378
Clinical relevance and future perspective of fractures in patients with chronic kidney disease
ISN Academy, Maria Fusaro, 213379
The Authors Reply
ISN Academy, ISN, 213380
International prevalence of hepatitis C positivity among hemodialysis patients awaiting transplantation
ISN Academy, David A. Goodkin, 213381
Age-adjusted global glomerulosclerosis in addition to Oxford histological classification of IgA nephropathy
ISN Academy, Cynthia C. Lim, 213382
Delayed ileal perforation from sodium polystyrene sulfonate
ISN Academy, Anne-Laure Faucon, 213383
Tumoral masses in failed kidneys
ISN Academy, ISN, 213384
The Case | Severe hypokalemia and metabolic acidosis
ISN Academy, ISN, 213385
#EUVAS Crossword Puzzle
ISN Academy, ISN-ACT, 218367
Acute Kidney Injury and its management
ISN Academy, Session Speakers, 214136
@ISN Education Infographic May 2018 in English: Levamisole increases the time to relapse in children with steroid-sensitive idiopathic nephrotic syndrome
ISN Academy, @ISNeducation, 213405
@ISN Education Infographic May 2018 in German: Levamisole increases the time to relapse in children with steroid-sensitive idiopathic nephrotic syndrome
ISN Academy, @ISNeducation, 213407
@ISN Education Infographic May 2018 in Spanish: Levamisole increases the time to relapse in children with steroid-sensitive idiopathic nephrotic syndrome
ISN Academy, @ISNeducation, 213408
@ISN Education Infographic May 2018 in Italian: Levamisole increases the time to relapse in children with steroid-sensitive idiopathic nephrotic syndrome
ISN Academy, @ISNeducation, 213409
#CEoT2018 and #BTS2018 Crossword Puzzle
ISN Academy, ISN-ACT, 213402
ISN-ACT Trial List: April 2018
ISN Academy, ISN-ACT, 212206
In This Issue
ISN Academy, ISN, 210907
Journal Club
ISN Academy, ISN, 210908
Updated guidelines for the diagnosis and management of high blood pressure: implications for clinical practice in nephrology
ISN Academy, ISN, 210909
IL-17A–induced mesenchymal stem cells have promising therapeutic value for clinical translation
ISN Academy, Patrick Toby Coates, 210910
Atypical chemokine receptors—“chemokine PACMANs” as new therapeutic targets in glomerulonephritis
ISN Academy, Alexander R. Rosenkranz, 210911
U-shaped dietary sodium–associated incidence of chronic kidney disease cautions against salt overrestriction in hypertension
ISN Academy, Niels Graudal, 210912
Update on renal blood oxygenation level–dependent MRI to assess intrarenal oxygenation in chronic kidney disease
ISN Academy, ISN, 210913
Arrhythmia in hemodialysis patients and its relation to sudden death
ISN Academy, ISN, 210914
Lipids, inflammation, and chronic kidney disease: a SHARP perspective
ISN Academy, David D. Waters, 210915
Increasing inclusion of patients with advanced chronic kidney disease in cardiovascular clinical trials
ISN Academy, ISN, 210916
Revision of the International Society of Nephrology/Renal Pathology Society classification for lupus nephritis: clarification of definitions, and modified National Institutes of Health activity and chronicity indices
ISN Academy, ISN, 210917
Vascular access of last resort
ISN Academy, ISN, 210918
Advanced glycation end products in the pathogenesis of chronic kidney disease
ISN Academy, ISN, 210919
IL-17A improves the efficacy of mesenchymal stem cells in ischemic-reperfusion renal injury by increasing Treg percentages by the COX-2/PGE2 pathway
ISN Academy, ISN, 210920
The atypical chemokine receptor 2 limits renal inflammation and fibrosis in murine progressive immune complex glomerulonephritis
ISN Academy, Volker Vielhauer, 210921
Systemic biopolymer-delivered vascular endothelial growth factor promotes therapeutic angiogenesis in experimental renovascular disease
ISN Academy, Alejandro R. Chade, 210922
Lethal (3) malignant brain tumor-like 2 (L3MBTL2) protein protects against kidney injury by inhibiting the DNA damage–p53–apoptosis pathway in renal tubular cells
ISN Academy, Yin Xia, 210923
Changes in V-ATPase subunits of human urinary exosomes reflect the renal response to acute acid/alkali loading and the defects in distal renal tubular acidosis
ISN Academy, ISN, 210924
Overexpressed SIRT6 attenuates cisplatin-induced acute kidney injury by inhibiting ERK1/2 signaling
ISN Academy, ISN, 210925
Potassium intake modulates the thiazide-sensitive sodium-chloride cotransporter (NCC) activity via the Kir4.1 potassium channel
ISN Academy, ISN, 210926
Activation of podocyte Notch mediates early Wt1 glomerulopathy
ISN Academy, Aoife M. Waters, 210927
High and low sodium intakes are associated with incident chronic kidney disease in patients with normal renal function and hypertension
ISN Academy, ISN, 210928
Reduced cortical oxygenation predicts a progressive decline of renal function in patients with chronic kidney disease
ISN Academy, Menno Pruijm, 210929
Primary outcomes of the Monitoring in Dialysis Study indicate that clinically significant arrhythmias are common in hemodialysis patients and related to dialytic cycle
ISN Academy, ISN, 210930
Patient-specific evolution of renal function in chronic heart failure patients dynamically predicts clinical outcome in the Bio-SHiFT study
ISN Academy, Isabella Kardys, 210931
Simultaneous sequencing of 37 genes identified causative mutations in the majority of children with renal tubulopathies
ISN Academy, Detlef Bockenhauer, 210932
Pre-admission proteinuria impacts risk of non-recovery after dialysis-requiring acute kidney injury
ISN Academy, Benjamin J. Lee, 210933
C3 glomerulonephritis and dense deposit disease share a similar disease course in a large United States cohort of patients with C3 glomerulopathy
ISN Academy, ISN, 210934
Aryl hydrocarbon receptor is activated in patients and mice with chronic kidney disease
ISN Academy, Stéphane Burtey, 210935
Lowering LDL cholesterol reduces cardiovascular risk independently of presence of inflammation
ISN Academy, ISN, 210936
Confocal super-resolution imaging of the glomerular filtration barrier enabled by tissue expansion
ISN Academy, ISN, 210937
Megalin/cubilin has a minor role in the proximal tubular cell uptake of filtered albumin
ISN Academy, Wayne D. Comper, 210938
The Authors Reply
ISN Academy, ISN, 210939
Taurolidine-based lock solutions for hemodialysis catheters: the enthusiasm should be tempered
ISN Academy, Laura Labriola, 210940
The Authors Reply
ISN Academy, Wolfgang Winnicki, 210941
Immunological remission in PLA2R-antibody–associated membranous nephropathy: cyclophosphamide versus rituximab
ISN Academy, Anne-Els van de Logt, 210942
Fu J, Wang Z, Lee K, et al. Transcriptomic analysis uncovers novel synergistic mechanisms in combination therapy for lupus nephritis. Kidney Int. 2018;93:416–429
ISN Academy, ISN, 210943
Wyatt CM, Le Meur Y. REPRISE: tolvaptan in advanced polycystic kidney disease. Kidney Int. 2018;93:292–295
ISN Academy, ISN, 210944
Liu J, Dong Z. Neutrophil extracellular traps in ischemic AKI: new way to kill. Kidney Int. 2018;93:303–305
ISN Academy, ISN, 210945
Osteopetrosis with renal tubular acidosis and cerebral calcification
ISN Academy, Dearbhla M. Kelly, 210946
Uremic cranial neuropathy
ISN Academy, ISN, 210947
The Case | Shining a light on an unusual case of chronic kidney disease
ISN Academy, Amin Oomatia, 210948
#ALDO18: Crossword Puzzle
ISN Academy, @ISNeducation, 212205

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