Dietary education in EMEA
ISN Academy, Kalliopi Anna Poulia, 310830
Episode 5: ISN's COVID-19 Response and the Challenges Ahead
ISN-ISE Webinar: Current management of diabetes in patients with kidney diseases
ISN Academy, Peter Rossing, Mark Molitch, Roberto Pecoits-Filho, 309636
@ISNeducation Webinar: Women's Health in Kidney Disease
ISN Academy, Silvi Shah, Garima Aggarwal, 309635
ISN-KDIGO Webinar: Acute Hyperkalemia
ISN Academy, Gregor Lindner, Brenda Hemmelgarn, 309634
ISN-TTS Sister Transplant Centre Program Philippines - Spain: Donation and Transplantation in COVID-19 times
ISN Academy, Dr Maria Theresa Bad-ang, Dr Anna Vila , 309392
ISN-TTS Sister Transplant Centre Program Philippines - Spain: Nephrology forum: Kidney patients care in COVID-19 times
ISN Academy, Aileen Herceda, Dr Fritz Diekmann , 309391
ISN-TTS Sister Transplant Centre Program Philippines - Spain: From pandemics to the new normality
ISN Academy, Dr Maria Theresa Bad-ang, Dr Anna Vila , 309390
ISN-TTS Sister Transplant Centre Program Philippines - Spain: COVID-19
ISN Academy, Dr Maria Theresa Bad-ang, Dr Anna Vila , 309389
ISN Global Trials Focus: August 2020
ISN Academy, ISN-ACT, 309387
Case 41 - 24 Year old Female with Subnephrotic Range Proteinuria & Normal Renal Function
KI Reports Video Abstract: Genetic and Clinical Predictors of Age of ESKD in Individuals With Autosomal Dominant Tubulointerstitial Kidney Disease Due to UMOD Mutations
ISN Academy, Anthony Bleyer, Luca Rampoldi , 309356
IrSN Webinar: کرسنتها و بیماریهای گلومرولی (The Crescents in Glomerular Disease)
ISN Academy, Mitra Mehrazma, Jamshid Rouzbeh, Shahrzad Ossareh, Maryam Hami , 309355
IrSN Webinar: مراقبتهای کلیوی در گذر از کودکی به بزرگسالی (Transition from Child to Adult Renal Care)
ISN Academy, Mojgan Mazaheri, Banafsheh Arad, Maryam Shafisabet, Simin Sadeghi Bojd , 309354
IrSN Webinar: کاردیورنال سندرم (Cardiorenal Syndrome)
ISN Academy, Ahmad Amin, Nasim Naderi, Amir Kazory, Amir Ahmad Nassiri , 309353
ISN-PSN Webinar: Optimizing outcomes in PD services in resource-limited settings
ISN Academy, Elizabeth Montemayor, Adrian Liew, Vivekanand Jha, Russell Villanueva , 309352
Acute renal failure in children. Multicenter prospective cohort study in medium- complexity intensive care units from the Colombian southeast
ISN Academy, Jessica M. Forero-Delgadillo, 309847
Nursing and CKD early Detection
ISN Academy, Nicola Thomas, 309114
KI Reports Video Abstract: Associations Between Changes in Plasma Renin Activity and Aldosterone Concentrations and Changes in Kidney Function After Treatment for Primary Aldosteronism
ISN Academy, Yusuke Kobayashi, 309093
ISN-Indian Society of Nephrology Webinar: Glomerular diseases
ISN Academy, Test Seventyseven, 309092
French webinar: Epuration extra renale dans l'insuffisance renale aigue: cas cliniques I, II et III
ISN Academy, Eric Rondeau, 308880
French webinar: Néphrologie Soins intensifs (Intensive care nephrology)
ISN Academy, Eric Rondeau, 308879
@ISNeducation Webinar: POCUS and the kidney
ISN Academy, Abhilash Koratala, Prashant C Dheerendra, 308878
Capitalizing on CREDENCE: Moving the results into clinical practice
ISN Academy, Katherine Tuttle, 307446
New results from CREDENCE: Cardiovascular and kidney outcomes
ISN Academy, Meg Jardine, 307445
ISN-ISE Webinar: A Collision of Pandemics: Diabetes Mellitus and COVID-19
ISN Academy, Ankia Coetzee, David Charytan, Roberto Pecoits-Filho, Mark E Molitch, 307395
ISN-Indian Society of Nephrology Webinar: AKI
ISN Academy, Krishan Gupta, Sishir Gang, Manisha Sahay, Narayan Prasad, Devinder Singh Rana, Ravi Raju Tatapudi, 307394
Case 40: 58 Year Old Male With CKD (Kudose)
ISN Academy, Satoru Kudose, 307356
Case 39 - 51 Year Old Man With Evidence of Microangiopathic Hemolytic Anemia
ISN Academy, Leal Herlitz, 307339
KI Video Abstract: Clinical Implications of Early Subclinical Tubulitis and Interstitial Inflammation in Kidney Transplantation
ISN Academy, Rajil Mehta, 307332
IrSN Webinar: ختلالات استخوانی در بیماری های کلیوی (Bone Disorders in Kidney Diseases)
ISN Academy, Faculty / Presenter(s), 307110
ISN-TTS Webinar: Immunological risk assessment and management
ISN Academy, Robert Montgomery, Medhat Askar, 307109
ISN Global Trials Focus: July 2020
ISN Academy, ISN-ACT, 307097
Case 38 - A 40-year old male with Proteinuria
ISN Academy, Suxia Wang, 307086
Episode 4: KI Reports Author Discussion: SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Hospitalized Patients With Kidney Disease
ISN-ISPD Webinar: Peritoneal dialysis - Myths vs. Reality
ISN Academy, Jeffrey Perl and Sharon Nessim, 304594
@ISNeduction webinar: Snake bite and AKI
ISN Academy, Sanjeev Nair, Natarajan Gopala and Priyamvada PS, 304593
ISN-SLANH Webinar: Políticas de Reembolso en Tratamiento Sustitutivo Renal: Barreras para el Desarrollo de la Nefrología en Latinoamérica
ISN Academy, Laura Cortes Sanabria and Guillermo Rosa-Diez, 304592
This KDIGO webinar was supported by the Boehringer Ingelheim and Eli Lilly Company Alliance
ISN Academy, Ian de Boer, Peter Rossing and Katherine R. Tuttle, 304591
ISN-IPNA Webinar: COVID-19 and the kidney: interesting differences and similarities between children and adults
ISN Academy, Rupesh Raina, Vivekanand Jha and John Mahan, 304571
SISTER RENAL CENTER PROGRAM: BOSTON CHILDREN´S HOSPITAL – BCH - USA HARVARD UNIVERSITY and FUNDACIÓN VALLE DEL LILI CALI – FVL - COLOMBIA. C to A LEVEL 2007 – 2013. Src trio program bch- fvl- hospital susana lopez de valencia popayán colombia. C to A LEVEL 2014- 2019
ISN Academy, ISN, 304509
Editors' pick of ISN journals: KI and KIR, Introductory remarks
ISN Academy, Pierre Ronco, 304505
Editors' pick of ISN journals: ISN/KI fellows' choice of best papers: Pediatric nephrology and transplantation
ISN Academy, Anna Francis, 304506
Editors' pick of ISN journals: ISN/KI fellows' choice of best papers: AKI and CKD/ESKD basic
ISN Academy, Sethu Madhavan, 304507
Increasing access to PD in LMIC by disrupting the current business model
ISN Academy, Simon Davies, 304504
Acute PD
ISN Academy, Serhan Tuğlular, 304503
Integrating Genomics into Clinical Practice & the Role of Next-Generation Sequencing in CKDu
ISN Academy, Jai Radhakrishnan & Kelsie Bogyo, 304502
ISN-SRC Germany - Albania: Improve access to early diagnosis for CKD
ISN Academy, Prof. Christoph Wanner & Prof. Myftar Barbullushi, 304496
Palliation versus dialysis for the elderly ESKD - Who decides? JOINT TALK: World Kidney Day
ISN Academy, Edwina Brown, 304483
ISN-TTS Webinar: Global Impact of COVID-19 in Transplantation
ISN Academy, Debasish Banerjee, Beatriz Dominguez-Gil, Enver Akalin, Franz Immer, Michael Ison, John Fung, Toby Coates, 304365
KI Video Abstract: Connectivity mapping of a chronic kidney disease progression signature identified lysine deacetylases as novel therapeutic targets
ISN Academy, Vanessa Williams, 304364
Using technology to deliver personalized care to ESKD - Integrated care analytics
ISN Academy, John Larkin, 304363
ISN-AFRAN Webinar: COVID-19 and the kidney: current situations in Africa, AFRAN dialysis and transplantation management guidelines
ISN Academy, Anthony Were, Vivek Jha, Gloria Ashuntantang, Hesham Elsayed, Ebun Bamgboye, Shoyab Wadee, Mohamed Salah, 304303
C형 간염 바이러스에 감염된 만성 콩팥병 환자에서 직접작용 항바이러스 치료가 신기능 감소 속도를 늦춘다 (in KOREAN)
ISN Academy, ISN Academy, 304304
메트폴민 치료 중인 제2형 당뇨병 환자에서 SGLT2 억제제dapagliflozin의 신장 혈역학적 효과는 수입세동맥 수축보다는수출세동맥 이완을 일으킨다 (in KOREAN)
ISN Academy, ISN Academy, 304305
마그네슘의 Klotho deficiency와 연관된 혈관 석회화 억제 효과 (in KOREAN)
ISN Academy, ISN Academy, 304306
혈압은 3-5단계 만성 콩팥병 환자의 예후에 영향을 미친다 (in KOREAN)
ISN Academy, ISN Academy, 304307
급성 심신증후군 생쥐모델을 이용한 급성 신손상-만성 콩팥병전환에서 염증의 역할 (in KOREAN)
ISN Academy, ISN Academy, 304308
요중 세포의 GSK3β (glycogen synthase kinase, 글리코겐 합성효소 인산화효소) 활성 증가가 당뇨병성 신증의 악화를 예측한다 (in KOREAN)
ISN Academy, ISN Academy, 304309
KI Reports Video Abstract: Challenges in the Recognition and Management of Acute Kidney Injury by Hospitals in Resource-Limited Settings
ISN Academy, Grace Igiraneza, 304294
@ISNeducation Webinar: the role of Colchicine in COVID-19 prophylaxis and therapy, a developing world experience in hemodialysis
ISN Academy, Lloyd Vincent and Arvind Canchi, 304292
ISN-WHL Webinar: The global impact of hypertension and the kidney
ISN Academy, Alfred Cheung, Paul Whelton and Daniel Lackland, 304102
Case 36 - 37 Year old male with anemia and renal failure
Case 37 - 56 year old woman with nephritic syndrome and anemia
ISN Academy, Leal Herlitz, 304009
ISN-KDIGO Webinar: Nomenclature for Kidney Function & Disease - Implications for Researchers, Clinical Educators and Practitioners
ISN Academy, Nijsje Dorman, Andrew Levey, Stacy Christiansen and Kai-Uwe Eckardt, 304008
Artificial Intelligence: The robot is ready to see you
ISN Academy, Kianoush Kashani, 304007
KI Video Abstract: A multicenter, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind phase 3 trial with open-arm comparison indicates safety and efficacy of nephroprotective therapy with ramipril in children with Alport's syndrome
ISN Academy, Oliver Gross, 303965
ISN Global Trials Focus: June 2020
ISN Academy, ISN-ACT, 303964
Telemedicine-From Bedside to Website: pediatric nephrologist Learn How to Practice Remotely
ISN Academy, Dharmesh Mehta, 303603
AKI COVID 19 a Pediatric Lecture
ISN Academy, Rupesh Raina, 303602
COVID 19 and Pediatrics What is an Evolving Story
ISN Academy, Reema Gulati, 303599
Burden of DKD in China: Trends, progression and management JOINT TALK: AASD
ISN Academy, Jinwei Wang, 303587
Implementation of an AKI alerting program JOINT TALK: ASN
ISN Academy, Kianoush Kashani, 303586
Episode 3: Conversation with Two US Nephrologists on the COVID-19 Frontlines
ISN Academy, Dr. Sumit Mohan & Dr. Raghu Durvasula, 303589
Case 35 - 46-year-old male with AKI and proteinuria
ISN Academy, Satoru Kudose, 303561
Genome-wide sequencing: Implications of the findings for clinicians, patients and families
ISN Academy, Amali Mallawaarachchi, 303331
KI Reports Video Abstract: SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Hospitalized Patients with Kidney Disease
ISN Academy, Hernando Trujillo Cuellar, 303292
Russian Webinar: COVID-19 and Kidneys - news from the ISN
ISN Academy, Elena Zakharova, 303330
ISN-SEN Webinar: Guía Clínica Española del Acceso Vascular para Hemodiálisis
ISN Academy, Jose Ibeas & Ramon Roca-Tey, 303154
ISN-SFNDT Webinar: Transplantation rénale : comment greffer les patients hyperimmunisés ?
ISN Academy, Lionel Rostaing, Hiba Azar & Eric Rondeau, 303151
Episode 2: COVID-19 Conversation From the Frontlines - UK Part 2
ISN Academy, Smeeta Sinha, 303147
Blood pressure management in CKD: Lessons from SPRINT
ISN Academy, Tara I. Chang, 301145
Establishing a living donor program in the Gulf countries - Opportunities and challenges JOINT TALK: TTS
ISN Academy, Faissal Shaheen, 301146
ISN Global Trials Focus: May 2020
ISN Academy, ISN-ACT, 301119
Case 34 - 57-year-old man presents for evaluation of proteinuria and CKD
ISN Academy, Leal Herlitz, 301115
Episode 1: COVID-19 Conversation From the Frontlines - UK Part 1
ISN Academy, Smeeta Sinha, 301110
@ISNeducation Spanish Webinar: COVID-19, desafíos desde la residencia en Nueva York, EUA
ISN Academy, Xavier Vela, Augusto Cesar Santos Jr., 301105
Pediatric Nephrology Journey from the Ethiopian Perspective ISN SRC trio run
ISN Academy, ISN, 298937
Sister Renal Center Program between Viet Duc Hospital (Vietnam) and Japanese Society of Nephrology (2014‐2019)
ISN Academy, ISN, 298935
ISN Programs
ISN Academy, ISN, 298874
Capacity for Acute Kidney Injury
ISN Academy, ISN, 298873
Scientific Writing Course
ISN Academy, ISN, 298872
ISN/TTS Centers Program
ISN Academy, ISN, 298871
ISN Sister Renal Centers Program
ISN Academy, ISN, 298870
Kidney Care Network
ISN Academy, ISN, 298869
ISN Fellowship Program
ISN Academy, ISN, 298868
ISN Educational Ambassadors Program
ISN Academy, ISN, 298867
ISN Clinical Research Program
ISN Academy, ISN, 298866
KI Reports Video Abstract: Predicting and Defining Steroid Resistance in Pediatric Nephrotic Syndrome Using Plasma Proteomics AND Article 2: Predicting and Defining Steroid Resistance in Pediatric Nephrotic Syndrome Using Plasma Metabolomics
ISN Academy, William E. Smoyer & C. Robert Kidder, 298865
Preventing hospitalizations and readmissions in dialysis patients - A call to action
ISN Academy, Laura Plantinga, 298860

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