Case 28 - 73-year-old female with proteinuria
ISN Academy, Satoru Kudose, 288302
KI Video Abstract: A prospective multi-center quality improvement initiative (NINJA) indicates a reduction in nephrotoxic acute kidney injury in hospitalized children
ISN Academy, Stuart Goldstein, 288283
ISN Global Trials Focus: February 2020
ISN Academy, ISN-ACT, 288273
Case 27 - A 77-year-old male with post-transplant nephritic syndrome
ISN Academy, Ibrahim Batal, 288186
Mini-modules: Diabetes guideline update
ISN Academy, Peter Rossing, 288050
Case 26 - 61-year-old man with AKI, +ANA and +ANCA
ISN Academy, Leal Herlitz, 287989
ISN Global Trials Focus: January 2020
ISN Academy, ISN-ACT, 287969
KI Video Abstract: Chronic interstitial nephritis in agricultural communities (CINAC) is a toxin induced proximal tubular nephropathy
ISN Academy, Benjamin Vervaet & Marc De Broe, 287848
ISN Webinar: Vasopressin, hydration, and chronic kidney disease: CKD in general, diabetic nephropathy, ADPKD)
ISN Academy, Lise Bankir, 287981
ISN-SFNDT Webinar: Actualités sur la dialyse péritonéale (en chronique et en aigu)
ISN Academy, Laurence Adonis-Koffy & Thierry Lobbedez, 287980
Case 25 - 4-year-old male with hematuria
ISN Academy, Satoru Kudose, 287796
@ISNeducation Webinar – Nuances in Nephrology series: Vessel preservation for AV access
ISN Academy, Dr. Tushar Vachharajani & Dr. Krishna Penmatsa, 287847
KI Video Abstract: Direct-acting antiviral therapy slows kidney function decline in patients with Hepatitis C virus infection and chronic kidney disease
ISN Academy, Meghan Sise, 287613
ISN-KDIGO Webinar: KDIGO Clinical Practice Guideline - Diabetes Management in CKD
ISN Academy, Peter Rossing, 287567
Session 3: Acute Kidney Injury - Part 2: other causes than acute tubular necrosis
ISN Academy, Session Speakers, 285230
Case 24 - A 16-year-old with asymptomatic proteinuria
ISN Academy, Vanesa Bijol, 287149
ISN Academy, Session Speakers, 287159
Imaging in AKI
ISN Academy, Jean-Michel Correas, 287150
Obstructive renal failure
ISN Academy, Sabrina Benbouzid, 287151
ISN Academy, Eric Rondeau, 287152
AKI and glomerulonephritis
ISN Academy, Noemie Jourde-Chiche, 287153
AKI and interstitial nephritis
ISN Academy, Mark A. Perazella, 287154
Pregnancy-associated AKI
ISN Academy, Alexandre Hertig, 287155
Hepato-renal and cardio renal syndromes
ISN Academy, Elsa Sola and Bruno Moulin, 287156
Clinical case: TMA
ISN Academy, Eric Rondeau, 287157
Clinical case: Cardiorenal syndrome
ISN Academy, Bruno Moulin, 287158
ISN Global Trials Focus: December 2019
ISN Academy, ISN-ACT, 287140
Case 23 - 63-year-old with diabetes, significant proteinuria, and increased creatinine
ISN Academy, Vanesa Bijol, 287124
Interview with Sir Peter Radcliffe - Winner of the 2019 Nobel Prize for Medicine - by John Feehally
ISN Academy, John Feehally, 286816
Case 22: A 56 Year-old Kidney Allograft Recipient With Abnormal Findings on Post-Reperfusion Biopsy
ISN Academy, Ibrahim Batal, 286728
ISN-CSN Webinar: 急性肾损伤临床实践指南
ISN Academy, Dr. Jinghong Zhao, 286723
ISN-SLANH Webinar: Nuevo paradigma - AKI como problema de salud pública
ISN Academy, Raul Lombardi, 286724
ISN-SEN Webinar: Opciones actuales de trasplante renal en el paciente sensibilizado (o con anticuerpos anti-HLA)
ISN Academy, Marta Crespo Barrio, 286725
Case 21 - A 33 Year-Old Woman With Renal Insufficiency and Nephrotic Range Proteinnuria Following Heart Transplant
ISN Academy, Ibrahim Batal, 286708
KI Video Abstract: Bioplasmonic paper-based assay for perilipin-2 non-invasively detects renal cancer
ISN Academy, Jeremiah J. Morrissey, 286680
ISN Global Trials Focus: November 2019
ISN Academy, ISN-ACT, 286679
Session 2: Acute Kidney Injury - Part 1: acute tubular necrosis
ISN Academy, Session Speakers, 285229
ISN Academy, Session Speakers, 286507
Alterations of renal hemodynamics and acute tubular injury in ICU
ISN Academy, Pierre Galichon, 286499
Diagnostic approach of a patient with AKI (including renal biopsy)
ISN Academy, Jill Vanmassehove, 286500
AKI and sepsis (including non dialytic treatment)
ISN Academy, Eric Rondeau, 286501
AKI and cytolytic agents
ISN Academy, Jill Vanmassehove, 286502
AKI and antibiotics
ISN Academy, Yosu Luque, 286503
AKI and acute tubular obstruction
ISN Academy, Stanislas Faguer, 286504
Clinical case: tubular obstruction
ISN Academy, Julie Bellière, 286505
Clinical case: vancomycine toxicity
ISN Academy, Yosu Luque, 286506
Case 20 - A young man with ADHD, URI and AKI
ISN Academy, Vanesa Bijol, 286517
Case 19 - A 20-year-old man with new diagnosis of SLE
ISN Academy, Vanesa Bijol, 286486
Case 18 - 49-year-old male with nephrotic range proteinuria in the kidney allograft
ISN Academy, Ibrahim Batal, 285955
Session 1: Main mechanisms and presentations of water and electrolyte disorders
ISN Academy, Session Speakers, 285952
ISN Academy, Session Speakers, 285951
Intensive Care Nephrology Online Curriculum
ISN Academy, Session Speakers, 285220
Main mechanisms and presentations of water and electrolyte disorders
ISN Academy, Laurent Mesnard, 285221
Physiology of the renal tubule
ISN Academy, Emmanuel Letavernier, 285222
Severe hyponatremia and hypernatremia
ISN Academy, Cedric Rafat, 285223
Severe hyperkalemia and hypokalemia
ISN Academy, Laurent Mesnard, 285224
Severe metabolic acidosis
ISN Academy, Boris Jung, 285225
Severe hypercalcemia
ISN Academy, Naïke Bigé, 285226
Hypophosphatemia and hypomagnesemia
ISN Academy, Cedric Rafat, 285227
Clinical Case: hyponatremia
ISN Academy, Eric Rondeau, 285228
ISN-SLANH Webinar: Evolución del tratamiento de la anemia en la ERC
ISN Academy, Liliana Andrade & Raúl Carlini, 285244
@ISNeducation Webinar Series - Nuances in Nephrology: CKD in Agricultural Communities - Beyond Unknown Causes
ISN Academy, Carlos Manuel Orantes & Xavier Vela, 285243
ISN-SFNDT Webinar: Néphropathie Lupique
ISN Academy, Benyounès Ramdani & Noémie Jourde-Chiche, 285242
Case 17 - A patient with positive ANA, dsDNA, and low complements
ISN Academy, Purva Sharma and Vanesa Bijol, 285236
KI Video Abstract: Acute declines in estimated glomerular filtration rate on enalapril and mortality and cardiovascular outcomes in patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction
ISN Academy, Wendy McCallum, 285192
Case 16 - A 44 Year-old Male with Proteinuria following stem cell transplantation
ISN Academy, Ibrahim Batal, 285193
Case 15 - A 25-year-old female with history of lupus nephritis
ISN Academy, Vanesa Bijol, 285136
ISN-KDIGO Webinar: AKI in 2019 - What has changed since the KDIGO guideline in 2012?
ISN Academy, John A. Kellum & Marlies Ostermann, 285086
@ISNeducation Webinar Nuances in Nephrology Series: Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in Solid Organ Transplantation: the Good the Bad and Good News on Cancer Immunotherapy
ISN Academy, Prof. Umberto Maggiore, 285085
ISN Global Trials Focus: October 2019
ISN Academy, ISN-ACT, 284462
Case 13 - A 50-year-old AA female with PMH of HTN and MGUS
ISN Academy, Vanesa Bijol, 282699
Case 14 - A patient with microabscess and granuloma formation in the allograft kidney?
ISN Academy, Vanesa Bijol, 282700
Case 12 - 35-year-old male with late kidney transplant failure
ISN Academy, Marian Clahsen-van Groningen, 282551
Case 11 - 35-year-old woman with a very complex medical history presenting with acute kidney failure, hematuria and proteinuria
ISN Academy, Vanesa Bijol, 282062
Minimodules: Kidney problems in Oncology
ISN Academy, Jolanta Malyszko, 281646
ISN-ACT Global Trials Focus: September 2019
ISN Academy, ISN-ACT, 282013
Case 10 - A 70-year-old diabetic man
ISN Academy, Dominick Santoriello, 281636
ISN-KDIGO Webinar: Blood pressure and volume management in dialysis: Findings from a Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO) Controversies Conference
ISN Academy, Kevan Polkinghorne, 281627
Case 9 – A 25-year-old with Fever and Allograft Dysfunction
ISN Academy, Ibrahim Batal, 280579
@ISNeducation Webinar Series - Nuances in Nephrology: Hypertension
ISN Academy, Swapnil Hiremath, 280235
Case 8 – A 46-year-old male with Early Allograft Dysfunction
ISN Academy, Ibrahim Batal, 280222
Case 7 – A 67-year-old white female with AKI
ISN Academy, Dominick Santoriello, 279816
ISN-ACT Global Trials Focus: August 2019
ISN Academy, ISN-ACT, 279746
Case 6 – A 68-year-old with multiple myeloma and 8g/24h proteinuria
ISN Academy, Vanesa Bijol, 274222
Case 5 – A 25 year-old, s/p kidney transplant, with unusual histologic findings on a protocol biopsy
ISN Academy, Session Speakers, 274221
Case 4 – Patient presenting with AKI
ISN Academy, Vanesa Bijol, 274220
ISN-KDIGO webinar: Onconephrology
ISN Academy, Jolanta Malyszko, 277517
Case 3 – A 44 year-old female with late allograft failure
ISN Academy, Ibrahim Batal, 274219
Case 2 – Patient with monoclonal IgA mesangial deposits
ISN Academy, Vanesa Bijol, 274218
ISN Webinar: 肾活检病理诊断及其规范
ISN Academy, Caihong Zeng, 275279
@ISNeducation Webinar – Nuances in Nephrology: How to make a visual abstract
ISN Academy, Aakash Shingada & Divya Bajpal, 275280
ISN-ACT Clinical Trial List: July 2019
ISN Academy, ISN-ACT, 275275
ISN RenPath Quick Case Series
ISN Academy, Vanesa Bijol, 274203
@ISNeducation Webinar Series - Nuances in Nephrology: Urine Microscopy
ISN Academy, Jay Seltzer, Arvind Canchi & Rolando Claure del Granado, 274145
Mini-modules on Nuances in Nephrology: Membranous Nephropathy - A case-based discussion
ISN Academy, Raja Ramachandran, 273568
For future reference | Mini-modules on Nuances in Nephrology: Membranous Nephropathy - A case-based discussion
ISN Academy, Raja Ramachandran, 282565
ISN Webinar (en français): La maladie rénale chronique: contrôle du volume circulant; prise en charge de l’hyperphosphatémie
ISN Academy, Pablo Ureña & Mohamed Zamd, 273735
ISN-ACT Clinical Trial List: June 2019
ISN Academy, ISN-ACT, 273552
Visual abstract - Donor source of kidney transplantation in New Zealand by ethnicity: a longitudinal cohort study
ISN Academy, Sine Donellan, 273503
Visual abstract - Safety and efficacy of Lumasiran (RNAi) in adult and pediatric patients with Primary Hyperoxaluria Type 1
ISN Academy, Georges Deschenes, 273504

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