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ANZSN Webinar 3: Transplantation
ISN Academy, Darren Lee, 201702
ANZSN Webinar 1: Hemodialysis
ISN Academy, Lukas Kairaitis, 201703
ANZSN Webinar 2: Peritoneal Dialysis
ISN Academy, David Johnson, 201704
Biomarker research to improve clinical outcomes of peritoneal dialysis: consensus of the European Training and Research in Peritoneal Dialysis (EuTRiPD) network
ISN Academy, Achim Jörres, 200960
A novel CFHR1-CFHR5 hybrid leads to a familial dominant C3 glomerulopathy
ISN Academy, Marie-Agnes Dragon-Durey, 200964
Anticystogenic activity of a small molecule PAK4 inhibitor may be a novel treatment for autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease
ISN Academy, Robert Weiss, 200968
Circulating complement factor H–related proteins 1 and 5 correlate with disease activity in IgA nephropathy
ISN Academy, Matthew C. Pickering, 200970
What abnormalities initiate salt-induced increases in blood pressure according to the autoregulation and vasodysfunction theories for salt sensitivity?
ISN Academy, Theodore W. Kurtz, 200977
Acute changes in glomerular filtration rate with renin-angiotensin system (RAS) inhibition—good or bad?
ISN Academy, William Adam, 200978
The Author Replies
ISN Academy, Matthew R. Weir, 200979
Arteriovenous fistula thrombosis with mycobacterial infection
ISN Academy, Luis Morales Buenrostro, 200982
Identification of a protective proteomic signature and a potential therapeutic target in diabetic nephropathy
ISN Academy, Christina M. Wyatt, 200950
Foreseeing the future of glomerular disease through slits: miR-NPNT axis
ISN Academy, Reiko Inagi, 200951
Loop diuretics are K-sparing in the presence of a low-Na, high-K diet
ISN Academy, James David Stockand, 200953
Complement factor H–related proteins in IgA nephropathy—sometimes a gentle nudge does the trick
ISN Academy, Joshua M. Thurman, 200955
APOL1 and blood pressure changes in young adults
ISN Academy, Girish Nadkarni, 200956
The role of trimethylamine N-oxide as a mediator of cardiovascular complications in chronic kidney disease
ISN Academy, James Tomlinson, 200958
Syndrome Néphrotique Idiopathique (SNI) de l'enfant
ISN Academy, ISN Academy, 200934
AKI - Definitions
ISN Academy, Stuart Goldstein, 198035
AKI: Emerging therapeutics in Current Clinical Trials
ISN Academy, Prasad Devarajan, 198036
Outcomes Amongst Children with Acute Kidney Injury
ISN Academy, Scott Sutherland, 198037
La Enfermedad Renal Crónica (ERC) como un síndrome de envejecimiento acelerado: Implicaciones para el concepto de ERC y para el envejecimiento de la población general
ISN Academy, Alberto Ortiz Arduan, 198038
In This Issue
ISN Academy, ISN, 195970
Climate change and kidney disease—threats and opportunities
ISN Academy, Katherine A. Barraclough, 195971
Journal Club
ISN Academy, ISN, 195972
Revisiting the determinants of the glomerular filtration barrier: what goes round must come round
ISN Academy, ISN, 195973
How low can you go? Achieved blood pressure and cardiovascular outcomes
ISN Academy, ISN, 195974
Is osteocyte Klotho bad for bone health?
ISN Academy, ISN, 195975
ANCA in anti-GBM disease: moving beyond a one-dimensional clinical phenotype
ISN Academy, Mark Canney, 195976
Association between hepatitis C virus and chronic kidney disease: heterogeneity begets heterogeneity
ISN Academy, ISN, 195977
Heavy metal nephropathy: considerations for exposure analysis
ISN Academy, Joseph Lunyera, 195978
The growth of AKI: half empty or half full, it’s the size of the glass that matters
ISN Academy, Raymond K. Hsu, 195979
Deconstructing interstitial fibrosis and tubular atrophy: a step toward precision medicine in renal transplantation
ISN Academy, ISN, 195980
Have the principles of experimental medicine become obsolete in the era of big data?
ISN Academy, Leon G. Fine, 195981
The third path of tubulointerstitial fibrosis: aberrant endothelial secretome
ISN Academy, ISN, 195982
Molecular mechanisms of renal aging
ISN Academy, Anette Melk, 195983
Label-free molecular imaging of the kidney
ISN Academy, Vincent Vuiblet, 195984
Klotho expression in osteocytes regulates bone metabolism and controls bone formation
ISN Academy, ISN, 195985
The antihelmenthic phosphate niclosamide impedes renal fibrosis by inhibiting homeodomain-interacting protein kinase 2 expression
ISN Academy, Jing Nie, 195986
Superoxide and hydrogen peroxide counterregulate myogenic contractions in renal afferent arterioles from a mouse model of chronic kidney disease
ISN Academy, ISN, 195987
Evaluation of the impact of gut microbiota on uremic solute accumulation by a CE-TOFMS–based metabolomics approach
ISN Academy, Takaaki Abe, 195988
Antagonism of profibrotic microRNA-21 improves outcome of murine chronic renal allograft dysfunction
ISN Academy, Johan M. Lorenzen, 195989
B-type natriuretic peptide overexpression ameliorates hepatorenal fibrocystic disease in a rat model of polycystic kidney disease
ISN Academy, Yasuhiro Ikeda, 195990
Klotho restoration via acetylation of Peroxisome Proliferation–Activated Receptor γ reduces the progression of chronic kidney disease
ISN Academy, ISN, 195991
Subclinical chronic kidney disease modifies the diagnosis of experimental acute kidney injury
ISN Academy, ISN, 195992
Patients double-seropositive for ANCA and anti-GBM antibodies have varied renal survival, frequency of relapse, and outcomes compared to single-seropositive patients
ISN Academy, Stephen P. McAdoo, 195993
High hepatitis C viral load and genotype 2 are strong predictors of chronic kidney disease
ISN Academy, ISN, 195994
The decline in kidney function with chromium exposure is exacerbated with co-exposure to lead and cadmium
ISN Academy, ISN, 195995
No increase in the incidence of acute kidney injury in a population-based annual temporal trends epidemiology study
ISN Academy, ISN, 195996
Circulating donor-specific anti-HLA antibodies are a major factor in premature and accelerated allograft fibrosis
ISN Academy, Clément Gosset, 195997
Acute kidney injury is associated with microvascular myocardial damage following myocardial infarction
ISN Academy, Bernhard Metzler, 195998
Cardiac surgery in patients with congenital heart disease is associated with acute kidney injury and the risk of chronic kidney disease
ISN Academy, Nicolas L. Madsen, 195999
GlucoCEST magnetic resonance imaging in vivo may be diagnostic of acute renal allograft rejection
ISN Academy, Verena Hoerr, 196000
Proliferative glomerulonephritis with monotypic IgA-kappa deposits in a 10-year-old
ISN Academy, Geetika Singh, 196001
The Authors Reply
ISN Academy, ISN, 196002
Warfarin in CKD patients with atrial fibrillation
ISN Academy, ISN, 196003
The Authors Reply
ISN Academy, ISN, 196004
Renal functional reserve and pregnancy outcomes
ISN Academy, Abhilash Koratala, 196005
Declèves A-E, Zolkipli Z, Satriano J, et al. Regulation of lipid accumulation by AMK-activated kinase in high fat diet–induced kidney injury. Kidney Int. 2014;85:611–623
ISN Academy, ISN, 196006
Yan Y, Ma L, Zhou X, et al. Src inhibition blocks renal interstitial fibroblast activation and ameliorates renal fibrosis. Kidney Int. 2016;89:68–81
ISN Academy, ISN, 196007
The role of mammography in calcific uremic arteriolopathy
ISN Academy, David Carvalho Fiel, 196008
Treatment dilemma—bilateral renal artery aneurysms
ISN Academy, Limy Wong, 196009
The Case | A patient with antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody–positive vasculitis on treatment with fever and leucopenia
ISN Academy, ISN, 196010
Incremental and Once- to Twice-Weekly Hemodialysis: From Experience to Evidence
ISN Academy, ISN, 196011
Novel Therapies for Acute Kidney Injury
ISN Academy, ISN, 196012
A Phase 2, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Randomized Study of Fresolimumab in Patients With Steroid-Resistant Primary Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis
ISN Academy, ISN, 196013
A Urinary Fragment of Mucin-1 Subunit α Is a Novel Biomarker Associated With Renal Dysfunction in the General Population
ISN Academy, ISN, 196014
Associations of Dietary Protein and Energy Intakes With Protein-Energy Wasting Syndrome in Hemodialysis Patients
ISN Academy, ISN, 196015
Hemodialysis Patients Treated for Hepatitis C Using a Sofosbuvir-based Regimen
ISN Academy, ISN, 196016
Safety and Tolerability Study of an Intravenously Administered Small Interfering Ribonucleic Acid (siRNA) Post On-Pump Cardiothoracic Surgery in Patients at Risk of Acute Kidney Injury
ISN Academy, ISN, 196017
Effect of Thrombotic Microangiopathy on Clinical Outcomes in Indian Patients With Lupus Nephritis
ISN Academy, ISN, 196018
Natural History and Genotype–Phenotype Correlation in Female X-Linked Alport Syndrome
ISN Academy, ISN, 196019
Endovascular Renal Denervation in End-Stage Kidney Disease Patients: Cardiovascular Protection—A Proof-of-Concept Study
ISN Academy, ISN, 196020
Association of Sleep Duration, Symptoms, and Disorders With Mortality in Adults With Chronic Kidney Disease
ISN Academy, ISN, 196021
The Association of Daily Activity Levels and Estimated Kidney Function in Men and Women With Predialysis Chronic Kidney Disease
ISN Academy, ISN, 196022
The Association Between Fibroblast Growth Factor 23 and Renal Transplantation Outcome Is Modified by Follow-up Duration and Glomerular Filtration Rate Assessment Method
ISN Academy, ISN, 196023
Trial of Amiloride in Type 2 Diabetes With Proteinuria
ISN Academy, ISN, 196024
Lupus Nephritis in Males: Clinical Features, Course, and Prognostic Factors for End-Stage Renal Disease
ISN Academy, ISN, 196025
Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Patients May Be Predisposed to Various Cardiomyopathies
ISN Academy, ISN, 196026
Safety and Efficacy of Combination ACTHar Gel and Tacrolimus in Treatment-Resistant Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis and Membranous Glomerulopathy
ISN Academy, ISN, 196027
Feasibility of Incremental 2-Times Weekly Hemodialysis in Incident Patients With Residual Kidney Function
ISN Academy, ISN, 196028
Optimizing Automated Peritoneal Dialysis Using an Extended 3-Pore Model
ISN Academy, ISN, 196029
Agitated Saline Bubble−Enhanced Ultrasound for Assessing Appropriate Position of Hemodialysis Central Venous Catheter in Critically Ill Patients
ISN Academy, ISN, 196030
Renal Involvement in Methylmalonic Aciduria
ISN Academy, ISN, 196031
The Effect of War on Syrian Refugees With End-Stage Renal Disease
ISN Academy, ISN, 196032
United States Dialysis Facilities With a Racial Disparity in Kidney Transplant Waitlisting
ISN Academy, ISN, 196033
A Case of Fibronectin Glomerulopathy Caused by Missense Mutations in the Fibronectin 1 Gene
ISN Academy, ISN, 196034
A Case of a “Voiding” Hypertension
ISN Academy, ISN, 196035
Immunotactoid Glomerulopathy of 10-Years’ Duration: Insights Gained From Sequential Biopsies
ISN Academy, ISN, 196036
Three Cases of Hemodialysis Patients Receiving High-Dose Ceftriaxone: Serum Concentrations and Its Neurotoxicity
ISN Academy, ISN, 196037
Ischemic Stroke of Possible Embolic Etiology Associated With Nephrotic Syndrome
ISN Academy, ISN, 196038
Pediatric Nephrology e-Learning Program
ISN Academy, ISN Academy, 193812
SLED & CRRT Prescription for children
ISN Academy, Timothy Bunchman, 193814
Neonatal Dialysis and NIDUS
ISN Academy, Malcolm Coulthard, 193813
ISN-KDIGO Webinar: Diagnosis and Management of Atrial Fibrillation and Heart Failure in Patients with CKD
ISN Academy, Peter McCullough, 195896
Conservative care
ISN Academy, Edwina Brown, 193776
End of life and dialysis withdrawal
ISN Academy, Edwina Brown, 193777
Supportive care for the renal patient: Prognosis and care plan
ISN Academy, Edwina Brown, 193778
Low body weight renal transplantation - a challenging feat
ISN Academy, Arpana Iyengar, 193788
Urine analysis: A window to diagnose kidney disease - from a pediatric perspective
ISN Academy, Arpana Iyengar, 193117