A Pathologist’s Online Primer | Module 5: Renal Pathology around the world
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Program Overview

Renal Pathology around the World Module 5: 
Activity overview/background

In this module the user will learn about the different challenges faced in renal pathology across geographic regions and in pathology labs with varying levels of resources. The user will learn about trends of pathological patterns based on country GDP and other factors. Finally, the user will follow a case study of setting up a sustainable nephrology service in a low-resource country. 

Estimated time to complete activity 
60 minutes

Target Audience 
The primary intended audiences for this learning program are pathologists, lab technicians, nephrologists interested in the basics of renal pathology, medical students and residents. This module is particularly useful for the above audiences living in under-resourced countries. 

Learning Objectives 
1. Understand trends in pathological patterns based on geographic and demographic factors 
2. Understand the challenges and opportunities of setting up and performing renal biopsies in under-resourced countries


Components of the activity and Method of Participation
The accredited activity contains the following modules to be completed:

  • 2 Video presentations
  • 1 Quiz

If you choose to complete this session in accredited mode, you will be prompted to complete all the components of the module in sequential order.
You can complete each component in several sittings but you cannot skip any portion of the activity without completing the previous one.
You must obtain a minimum score of 50% in the case studies in order to complete the activity and claim a certificate of completion.

Lesson 1: Overview of renal pathology in Africa and other under-resourced countries
Lesson 2: Beginnings of a sustainable nephropathology service and training at Muhimbili University in Tanzania
Final assessment

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