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Program Overview
Learning Objectives

Pediatric Nephrology e-Learning Program: 


Activity overview/background

Pediatric Nephrology is an important sub-speciality situated at the crossroads of kidney and child care. This ISN Academy Pediatric Nephrology e-Learning Program provides a general learning track of core concepts for nephrologists new to the subject, which can equally serve as review for the experienced pediatric nephrologist.


Estimated time to complete this activity 

6 hours (11 individual 30-45min e-Modules). User progress is saved throughout the program.





Components of the activity and Method of Participation

The accredited activity contains the following modules to be completed:
- 11 Video Presentations & Post Learning Quizzes

- 1 Final Assessment & Evaluation


If you choose to complete this session in accredited mode, you will be prompted to complete all the components of the module in sequential order.


You can complete each component in several sittings but you cannot skip any portion of the activity without completing the previous one.

You must obtain a minimum score of 70% in the post-test in order to complete the activity and claim a certificate of completion.

Learning Objectives

1. Understand the epidemiology and diagnostic tools in identifying children at-risk for or with acute kidney injury
2. Understand the various renal replacement modalities for children with acute kidney injury
3. Understand nuances and advanced therapeutic aspects of administering renal replacement therapy to children

SLED & CRRT Prescription for children
Neonatal Dialysis and NIDUS
CKD in children - prevalence and factors affecting progression
Shock in adults and children - Diagnostic approach and therapy - Pediatric
Pathology session (AKI in children)
Specific aspects of acute dialysis in pediatrics
Acute and chronic PD in children: Indications, technique, complications, results in AKI in low incom...
Pediatric nephrotic syndrome in developing countries
RRT in Critically Ill Children and Neonates
Kidney Disease in Childhood
Pediatric AKI : The AWARE Study
Assessment & Evaluation