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Welcome to the ISN RenPath Quick Case series, that will enable you to learn about renal pathology in a fun and interactive way!

Every Monday, a quick case description is posted on the ISN Academy. After watching the video, users are invited to interact via the discussion board (make sure to sign in). On Friday, a follow-up video will be published to answer questions and provide some clarifications on the case posted earlier that week.

Learning objectives:

- to review morphologic characteristics, differential diagnosis, and clinical features of medical renal diseases through case discussions

- to review latest updates on pathologic classifications, mechanisms of disease, and treatment options for medical renal diseases through case discussions

- to discuss the importance of kidney biopsy interpretation in clinical management of patients with medical kidney disease

Practicing and in-training nephrologists and pathologists.

Case 53: Patient with Treated SLE and Newly Discovered Proteinura
Case 52 - 4 Year Old Male With Persistent Pronounced Leukocyturia Unusual Debut of Uncommon Disease
Case 51 - 31 Year old Woman With Type 1 DM Since the Age 16
Case 50: New insights into CKD-MBD in hemodialysis: recent findings from the International DOPPS
Case 49: Transplant for IgA Nephropathy
Case 48 - 41 Year Old Male With Nephrotic Proteinuria and Renal Failure
Case 47 - 55 Year Old Man With Essential Thrombocytosis and Proteinuria
Case 46 - 41 Year Old Female With Proteinuria
Case 45 - 65 Year old Female Generalized Weakness and Renal Dysfunction
Case 44 - 56 Year Old Kidney Transplant Patient Undergoing Protocol Transplant Biopsy
Case 43: 57 Year-old patient with Subnephrotic Proteinuria and hematuria
Case 42 - 43 Year-Old Female with Hypercalcemia
Case 41 - 24 Year old Female with Subnephrotic Range Proteinuria & Normal Renal Function
Case 40: 58 Year Old Male With CKD (Kudose)
Case 39 - 51 Year Old Man With Evidence of Microangiopathic Hemolytic Anemia
Case 38 - A 40-year old male with Proteinuria
Case 37 - 56 year old woman with nephritic syndrome and anemia
Case 36 - 37 Year old male with anemia and renal failure
Case 35 - 46-year-old male with AKI and proteinuria
Case 34 - 57-year-old man presents for evaluation of proteinuria and CKD
Case 33 - A 35-year-old male with post-transplant proteinuria
Case 32 - 72-year-old Male Non-Diabetic Non-Hypertensive
Case 31 - A 61-year-old female with proteinuria
Case 30 - 68-year-old male with AKI and suspected leukemia
Case 29: 70-year-old woman with history of obesity
Case 28 - 73-year-old female with proteinuria
Case 27 - A 77-year-old male with post-transplant nephritic syndrome
Case 26 - 61-year-old man with AKI, +ANA and +ANCA
Case 25 - 4-year-old male with hematuria
Case 24 - A 16-year-old with asymptomatic proteinuria
Case 23 - 63-year-old with diabetes, significant proteinuria, and increased creatinine
Case 22: A 56 Year-old Kidney Allograft Recipient With Abnormal Findings on Post-Reperfusion Biopsy
Case 21 - A 33 Year-Old Woman With Renal Insufficiency and Nephrotic Range Proteinnuria Following Heart Transplant
Case 20 - A young man with ADHD, URI and AKI
Case 19 - A 20-year-old man with new diagnosis of SLE
Case 18 - 49-year-old male with nephrotic range proteinuria in the kidney allograft
Case 17 - A patient with positive ANA, dsDNA, and low complements
Case 16 - A 44 Year-old Male with Proteinuria following stem cell transplantation
Case 15 - A 25-year-old female with history of lupus nephritis
Case 14 - A patient with microabscess and granuloma formation in the allograft kidney?
Case 13 - A 50-year-old AA female with PMH of HTN and MGUS
Case 12 - 35-year-old male with late kidney transplant failure
Case 11 - 35-year-old woman with a very complex medical history presenting with acute kidney failure, hematuria and proteinuria
Case 10 - A 70-year-old diabetic man
Case 9 – A 25-year-old with Fever and Allograft Dysfunction
Case 8 – A 46-year-old male with Early Allograft Dysfunction
Case 7 – A 67-year-old white female with AKI
Case 6 – A 68-year-old with multiple myeloma and 8g/24h proteinuria
Case 5 – A 25 year-old, s/p kidney transplant, with unusual histologic findings on a protocol biopsy
Case 4 – Patient presenting with AKI
Case 3 – A 44 year-old female with late allograft failure
Case 2 – Patient with monoclonal IgA mesangial deposits
Case 1 – Patient with treated amyloid and progressive proteinuria

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